Sunday 25 July 2021

Inside Info: Trainer Quotes Vs From The Stables (25th July)

There are many ways to tip a horse. 

None are right or wrong, it's what suits the individual. Horse racing is all about opinions and we should respect that point. In truth, your only competition is with the layer who takes your bet. Whether a successful gambler or dismal failure it pays to enjoy the Sport of Kings.

That passion will help you find information and make your betting pay. 

Personally, I think the most enjoyable part of gambling is finding the information yourself. Doing the ground work, getting your hands dirty, learning by trial and error and using those losers to fuel the motivation of finding answers to questions unknown.

You can do this in the most basic form or work like a scientist breaking down an atomic particle. 

Our niche of two-year-old horse racing is a subject matter which is akin to Marmite.  You either love it or hate it. 

I shouldn't be too critical of punters but when I hear someone saying: ''Why bother betting on two-year-old horses?'' I just think you're only saying that because you simply have no or limited understanding. 

Because, if you did, you'd realise you're leaving a lot of money on the table. You will not find a better niche to gain advantage over the competition. Let's face it, gambling and success is all about knowing more than your fellow gambler. That edge can lead to value. 

You really don't need to pay for tips if you have time to do the work yourself. Also, I guess, no one minds paying for info if they are making money. This bring us to a couple of horse racing tipping services which you may have heard of before. They both tap into the primary source data from the trainers themselves which is a novel concept. 

The saying: ''It's straight from the horse's mouth'' comes to mind. Well, unless you are on the blower to Mister Ed, we know that info actually comes from the horse trainer. 

There are at least two platforms which offer tipping service using this format. 

Trainer Quotes & From The Stables

I have had little correspondence with both over the years, mainly looking into their affiliate programs. 

I have no idea which is the better because I use my own information.

They are both well established and respected. 

I mention both because, in truth, information shouldn't get any better than from the trainer. If they don't know the score - who does! It's a very private and privileged position to hold. 

However, they only know part of the story because they are unlikely to know the strength and weakness of the trainers in opposition on any given race. Perhaps they do, but I can't imagine Ian Williams calling Brian Meehan to ask if their horse has a fighting chance today because I want to give mine as a tip to the paying punters. 

In this world of data protection, the owner must be getting the cherry off the top of this delicious cake. 

If you don't have the time to do the work yourself then paying for horse racing tips is, for many, an attractive alternative. 

It could be your answer to the question. 

I've mentioned these two respected platforms and I'll give you a free alternative, which in ways, is as good if not better. It's better because you will have access to a number of horse trainers who don't need to top up their bank account. 

Lucky them!

But where do you find this info for free?

I don't think it is free because you may have to be a subscriber to the Racing Post to read their analysis which comes along with the full result of each race. For example, take a look at 3:50 York (24th July, 2021). You may be able to find this info detailed in dispatches.

We are specifically interested in the success of Outside World trained by Mark Johnston. 

This is the interesting part.

Take a look at the Racing Post analysis, detailed by Dave Bellingham. 

I will highlight the text and the free inside info given by assistant trainer Charlie Johnston. 

Source: Racing Post

At times of victory, and excitement, trainers, assistants or representatives let slip inside information which you can use for the future. Charlie Johnston suggesting, if not a fact, that the entry for the Lowther Stakes (Group 2) before this horse had run was significant. That sentence if pure gold. It is literally money in your pocket. 

Do you need to pay for horse racing tips? 

The choice is yours. 

Is there a viable alternative?

You bet there is.  

Author: Jason Coote

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