Monday 7 February 2022

Horse Racing is More than Just Studying Form

It's worth noting that even though the title may seem to indicate the limitation of studying form it is vital to your understanding. 

If you are interested in making your betting pay then you are better off reviewing races and understanding the worth of the form and appreciating the strength and weakness of individual horses. You cannot get away from this point. The difference with two-year-old horse racing is that each year you start with a blank slate. 

For me, personally, that's what makes it interesting. So many punters hate two-year-old racing because they think it seems too much hard work or that it is impossible to understand. It makes me smile because when I hear those words it is, in truth, a reflection of the individuals lack of knowledge. Thankfully, just because one person has no idea about a subject it doesn't mean someone else doesn't. I don't like to be critical but it's a truly ridiculous thought process. I don't know anything about all manner of subjects but appreciate others do. 

If you want to know something, learn it. That doesn't come from osmosis. 

Studying the form is very important but so are so many aspects which make up the power of true knowledge. 

A myriad of factors go into finding a winner. They help you look in the right direction. If you don't do that your chance of being ahead of the game is limited. 

One of the greatest factors about winning and losing is appreciating the betting. 

It tells a very important story which you need to pay attention if not try to understand. In truth, there are many aspects of winning that most punters do not consider.

When you think about any given trainer of two-year-olds what do you understand? I can imagine your knowledge is limited. It is limited in the sense that you have little understanding of how a given trainer works and how the betting tells a story for that individual. This insight could be viewed from the perspective of the owner but it still fits within the realm of the trainer.  I can tell you this for nothing - trainers are very predictable. 

Where do the winners start and the losers end? 

From watching the betting or assessing the starting price (SP) what would this data tell you, let's say, for Brian Meehan's two-year-olds first and second start?

Now, you may be thinking this all seems too much like hard work. How can I know this information? Where would I find it? You want your favourite subject to seem like climbing a rock face without a safety rope. You don't want someone following your path to the oasis. The font of knowledge. Along the way you want them to get lost, give up the hunt and go back home. 

This is exactly why you need to know the truth because you can guarantee very few have a glimmer of this insight. That information is pure gold. It puts you in a winning position. 

The betting can indicate so much more than you think. I can prove this point. Your understanding, or lack of it, is so predictable. I know what you are thinking and it's wrong. 

You may say: ''Well, we all know the shorter the price the better chance the horse has of winning?'' 


This is your first mistake. While this may be true for many trainers it isn't for all. The point being, how are you going to know whether something is a strength or weakness? 

You're not. 

I can tell you now, that even without knowing the name of many of this year's two-year-olds, not even looking at a race they are competing or any other information I can make assessments which give me an edge over the majority of punters. 

Simply from looking at the betting of a given horse. 

This is why to be a successful gambler you need to consider what makes a winning horse.

I could talk to some of the most astute gamblers on Earth and guarantee they don't have the slightest idea of the majority of things I use to find value and winners. 

It's interesting to consider that much of your best assessment can be made from not even watching the horse in question. Like I said, you don't even need to know it's name, breeding line or whether it will like the going. 

It sounds like black magic but the information is just waiting to be found. 

Do your research and you will start to ask yourself questions which separate you from the crowd. Then you will find answers that give true insight.

It's waiting for you. 

Author: Jason Coote 


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