Saturday 14 August 2021

1000/1 Each-way Treble Goes Close


Bookmakers love those type of bet, hey. But, in all honesty, they are a little bit frightened of them too. 

In general, they are a good earner for the bookies. Often a bet for the 'mug punter' as they like to say. 

To be fair, I'm not against any bet. No, it's not because I some kind of addict frothing at the mouth with the last two pound in my pocket, trying to decide whether to get a sausage roll from Greggs or have a little flutter. 

If you say: 'I never do that type of bet!'  

One day, sooner than later, it will be the exact bet you should be doing - you don't through principle. 

That's how gambling works. 

There is some devil-like creature of a person, like Jacob Marley from the film Scrooge, who doesn't visit you on the strike of midnight to utter words of wisdom. This soulless beast just laughs at your thinking or pisses on your betting slip as you sleep. 

Anyway, that's another story. 

Most professional gamblers would laugh if you said you did multibets. Your classic Lucky 15, Yankee or Super Hienz (sounds like something you buy at Greggs). 

However, you know why that is hey? 

Because they all have their own way of working and justify their favourite bets. If you take a look at modern-day or retro pro gamblers they have nothing much in common. I've written lots of articles about the great and the good - they contradict each other on everything.  

One known face used multibets to make a lot of money. 

That individual was Jack Ramsden. 

So you don't want to believe all the mumbo jumbo which most people tell you. 

Just because someone doesn't know something they mistakenly believe that it's impossible anyone on planet Earth has an idea or success. 

It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks because 'Who gives a toss!'

At the end of the day, gamblers are lonely characters. You ask your friends for a few quid to tide you over and you might get away with it once but the second time round you have more chance of bumping into tumbleweed. 

Here's the thing about multibets. I've made this mistake too many times and I can guarantee you have too. 

This is your big mistake. You may not even think it's a mistake but it is. 

When you place a multibet (Lucky 15 or whatever) you use it as a bet to take a chance. In that I mean if you were betting on each horse as an individual you would think differently about it. However, because it's an each way Yankee you can ''afford'' to take a chance. You feel a multibet gives you opportunity to break the rules. This can be a good and bad thing. It's certainly good if you chance your luck and a 33/1 shot comes in and you have a 1000/1 treble on the cards. 

That's me talking about me. 

But you know, that mindset of feeling such a bet gives reason to chance your luck is a big mistake. 

In truth, a multibet can be a very clever and calculated wager but it needs to be done meticulously. 

Each horse should be viewed as an individual. 

I tell you why, becuase one loser in a Canadian bet is a hammer blow (5 selections: 26 bets with doubles, trebles and accumulators). I may have this wrong but one loser on this bet would equate to 15 bets. That's why you can't afford a loser as it is in actual fact worth more than four winners together. (Yes, I know that's how it works but it gives a better understanding of why you need to be careful with each and every selection).

Back to my 1000/1 each-way treble. 

1:15 Nottingham - Snooze N You Lose 33/1 1st 

2:10 Newbury - Wanees 8/1 6th

6:23 Thirsk - Sherdil 5/2 3rd

What a great start. 

The hard work done, you might say. However, I made the cardinal sin of not being as careful as I should and putting a debutante in my multibet. This was a mistake and even though I had good reason to put it in the bet it was a disappointment. Debutantes, in my opinion, are easy winners or poor losers. I don't need to tell you which of the two. In truth, I am pretty sure Wanees will go very well on his next start but not on his debut and I pushed my luck too far. Sherdil didn't win but ran very well and at least hit the frame. 

So, that opportunity to win big was alive and kicking for about 56 minutes. 

When doing your multibets be extra careful with each selection and don't push your luck. 

You need to make every selection count.

Author: Jason Coote

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