Sunday 12 April 2020

What Kojak Couldn't Tell You About Gambling...

Two-year-old racing may seem especially confusing to those who don't take the time to understand. 

I've studied this niche for over 30 years. 

People can be quite discouraging when I say that's my chosen subject. 

They may utter some stupid remark. 

You know what their remark is a reflection of? 


They are limited so that means everyone else is limited too. 

If you know more you are mistaken, foolish or an idiot. It's like the favourite cliche of non-gamblers ''It's a mug's game!'' 

That's how the limited mind works. An element of gristle in a vacuum filled with air. I hope I'm not talking to you, personally! 

I hate to be antagonizing, but if the small-cap fits...

The illustrious limited people are the same who visit the doctors and know more because they watched an episode of Quincy, M.E. They know more than the police because they watched two episodes of Kojak. They know more than a gynecologist because they saw their wife putting her knickers on back to front three days running. 

Those statements are ridiculous for the sake of detailing the holistic all-knowing-but-limited mind.  

However difficult, it's a fact some people know more. 

(It's OK, you can join the club, it's a free membership, you just have to read the terms and conditions.) 

Why do some people know more? 

Similar to the student who gets straight A's. They are dedicated to their niche because they used a modicum of logic and realised it was easier to learn something than everything. True you may find one person in a million who is naturally gifted. But 99.9% of the population are successful because they work harder than the rest. (There are more reasons than working hard but this is, let's say, a starting point). 

If you want to understand two-year-old racing you can. 

After years of plying my trade as a gambler I can look at a field full of maidens and I don't see a lack of knowledge. In fact, I could tell you three or four things (simple pointers) that would help you appreciate that any given race is out of a handful of horses at the most. 

I know a few of you will be saying: ''Well, I can tell you the first five horses in the betting!''

See, that reply affords a level of understanding just to prove my point. 

How much or little do you really know?

You may well be a surprise package and able to impress. Good for you. I know you have worked hard to understand what you know. I like that. I can chat to someone about two-year-old horse racing and within 5-minutes assess what they know. That understanding/assessment comes from a sound appreciation of what this niche is all about. 

It makes no difference to me whether you know nothing or you know everything. 

However, if you want to have a sound knowledge about being a successful gambler it truly pays to know your niche. 

Who was Kojak (Tele Savalas)? He was an exceptional actor. In fact, he was such a good actor that he would make those sharing the same stage look quite poor by comparison. 

He didn't wake up one day to find he could act. 

That latent ability may have been there waiting to be found. 

However, he did wake up one day and decide he would follow his passion and become an actor. He worked bloody hard too. 

In time he understood what it took. He became a professional earning big money. He was a master of his art. His story told others they too could, perhaps one day, be a successful actor.  

Did Kojak need someone to tell him he was a good actor? 

He would have looked up, smiled and said: ''Who loves you, baby?''

Learn what you need to be a successful gambler and you will enjoy your successes even more because you have achieved a standard that justifies your determination to be ahead of the game. 

As it happened, Aristotelis ''Tele'' Savalas (Kojak) was a pretty mean poker player and visited London many times to enjoy a night at the casino. 

Author: Jason Coote

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