Wednesday 22 January 2020

How Much Money Do you Need to Bet to be a Professional Gambler?

Many punters dream of being a professional gambler. 

It isn't impossible but it is far from an easy task. If it wasn't difficult enough to have a high level of knowledge to be better than most, what about the money you need to bet? In many respects, that is even more daunting than the knowledge although you won't have any chance of winning if you don't have the info to start. 

I think I read from a recent post on Craig's Betting Blog Facebook Page (posted by Seamus Furlong) that a professional gambler is unlikely to have a return of more than 5% on their bets. I think I read that Alex Bird - classed as the original professional gambler - that he had a 2% return. Infact, his profit or loss depended on the tax paid on bets at the time. 

When you think of the amount of work is put in to being a professional gambler, it doesn't seem a great return. I mean, in the good old days of banks paying interest on your savings, the Post Office used to give about 10%. Those days are long gone (scandalously) but it makes you think why gamble with your hard-earned cash if that is all you can get back in return? 

To be fair, I'm not sure the highest percentage the best professional gamblers make? I guess if your bet twenty barrow loads of cash, it is a nice return even on a small return. 

I'm sure a lot of people make much more than a few percents. 

By all accounts, the percentage paid by using betting exchanges would nullify profits let alone higher percentages. 

Would you bet literally £100,000 to win £5,000? 

The decision is yours. 

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