Thursday 6 May 2021

Sportsbook: When You Can't Even Bet 1p

I guess it's my own fault. 

When Betfair's Sportsbook came into play I couldn't help myself doing a bit of arbitrage. I'd see a difference between the price on Betfair exchange and Sportsbook (or visa versa). So I take the bet and lay it off to a no-lose bet or instant profit. 

Clearly, the powers that be didn't like it too much and I was sent an email saying that my account would be limited. 

Basically, restricting the opportunities. It was my own laziness not doing the same thing with a different bookmaker which would have negated the problem. 

Why Betfair or any exchange should be that bothered is beyond me because if the prices are available I feel what they do is restrictive practice so in ways they are wrong rather than the bettor. However, if you make the rules you make them to suit. I find it ridiculous. 

Anyway, I see a horse the other day and thought it was a big price compared to the exchanges. 

This is the message I received.

See top of page. 

I thought Reckon I'm Hot was a decent price at 40/1 and would most likely be backed. Gary Moore's colt was backed to 18/1 so I would have made a good few quid laying the bet off on the exchanges.  

I love the bet option detailed: Please enter stake between min: £0.00 | max: £0.00. So I could bet between nothing and nothing. 

I think that means we don't want your bet. 

Reckon I'm Hot finished 5th. 

So much for wanting to take bets, hey. 

I always remember a quote from the film Carry On At Your Convenience. When Sid Plummer whose budgie, Joey, kept picking the winner of horse races by chirping when he heard a name he liked. 

After years of bad luck losing, Sid Plummer wins big from his old adversary Benny the bookie. The next day he goes to the bookies to place a bet and the bookie refuses to take the wager. 

Plummer says: ''What kind of sportsman are you?''

Benny says: ''If I was a sportsman, I'd be riding the horse.''

Need I say more. 

Author: Unknown 

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