Tuesday 17 March 2020

Horse Racing Blog: 5 Killer Ways to Build Traffic

The 1st February saw the first birthday of Craig's Betting Blog.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you... (you get the idea).

To be fair there is a lot to celebrate. You know that most bloggers start off with lots of energy, inspired by their passion and just love to tell the world and his wife about their little blog. However, most fall by the way. So this birthday is worthy of celebration.

Well done, Craig. You have done exceptionally well. 

Take a look at his many triumphs. 

Posts: 187

Most successful post: Magnificent Middleham Park Racing 

At the time of writing, this post has achieved 498 pageviews. This has a lot to do with Middleham Park Racing sharing the post on their Twitter timeline and posting to email subscribers. Thank you. It is a huge endorsement to have high-profile owners and trainers sharing the post. It has happened many times this year.  

Craig's Top 10 Posts have all achieved over 200 pageviews. 

September 2019 saw the most monthly pageviews - just under 7,000. 

There is much to look forward to.

Now, many readers may think well that is good but surely this blog is a minnow compared with the likes of the Racing Post or Sporting Life. 

You are correct. 

However, there are many first-time horseracing bloggers who are just starting out and I can tell you this, it isn't easy to get traffic to your blog. 

It is one of the main reasons why bloggers give up blogging because they feel as though they are talking to themselves. 

So here are a few pointers to making a successful sports blog:

1) Post regularly and try to highlight horses, trainers or owners who will share your posts. 

2) Social media: Twitter is a very good platform for doing just that as you tag people and if they like what they read and happy with your promotion and help promote you too. It is good to share all posts on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and more. 

3) Collaborate: It is often the case bloggers work alone or feel they don't need or can't afford to work with others. However, you are unlikely to succeed by trying to do it alone. 

4) Mailing-list: Build a list so you can boost your posts or send our promotions. This is achieved by giving something away that your subscribers want. It might be tips, information or access to resources. Make sure what you give away is specific to you and not something that can be found elsewhere. A big list is a real power but you must always give your subscribers your best or they will feel shortchanged and have little interest in opening your mailings. 

5) Always add a touch of you to every post whether that is your humour, quirky ways or outlandish gambles. 

Whatever you do, enjoy your blog because it will be hard work if it doesn't make you want to write with zeal.

Author: Jason Coote

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