Wednesday 26 February 2020

Breaking News: Could Cheltenham Festival be cancelled due to Coronavirus?

Horse racing vs the Coronavirus.

If you want to believe the latest news from Odds Checker you will be fearing the Cheltenham Festival will not take place. 

They state that there is a 30% chance your fancy will be falling at the first hurdle if the Coronavirus gets to grips with the populous. 

Could the Cheltenham Festival 2020 be canceled? 

Over £25,000 had been traded on the exchanges whether the meeting will go ahead on the 10th March. 

However, racing to go ahead is presently priced at odds of 4/11. Is all this talk just another way for bookmakers high and low to squeeze every last drop of media coverage out of the big day? 

It would be a major loss to racing if this comes about but it does come across as just more clickbait to get new customers? 

What do you think?

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