Saturday 16 November 2019

Hollie Doyle: Racehorses All My Life

Hollie Doyle (picture) 

Hollie Doyle is one of the biggest names in female racing who started her career with David Evans at the age of 17. A broken collarbone in 2017 saw her challenge for the amateur jockey title put on hold after she was leading in May but that didn’t stop her from winning the Upavon Stakes for Richard Hannon onboard Billesdon Bess once she was back in the saddle. Plenty more winners followed and 2019 has seen her ride an incredible 700 plus times. Archie Watson is one trainer who benefits from her great riding skills. 

Hollie, have you always been involved in racing? 

Yes, I’ve always been around racehorse all my life my parents both rode as jockeys also. 

At what age did you become a jockey? 


You have ridden plenty of nice winners over the years do you have a favourite? 

No favourites, in particular, I just appreciate them all. 

If you weren’t riding horses what would you do? 

No idea, something within horses still though! 

If you could ride any horse in history who would it be? 


I love 2-year- old racing and you ride plenty of Archie Watson’s speed machines how exciting has that been? 

This is an exciting time of year as the yearlings are starting to come into training so you're always on the look for a potential star. 

What has been the highlight of your racing career so far? 

Winner at Shergar Cup & riding listed winner in France. 

Thanks to Hollie Doyle for taking time to answer questions for my blog.

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