Thursday 3 October 2019

Ruth Jefferson Talks Racing, Horses To Follow And Peaky Blinders

Based at Newstead Cottage Stables, North Yorkshire. Ruth Jefferson is the new kid on the block. However, following in the footsteps of her late father, Malcolm, she is a trainer who is going places. She has a decent strike rate with a number of lovely horses including Double W’s, Mega Yeats & Waiting Patiently. 

One of her favourite hunting grounds is Hexham were she has a healthy points profit.


Ruth, have you always been involved in horse racing? 

Mum and Dad moved to Newstead in April of 1981. I was born in November. I grew up in the yard and always took a keen interest in horses. There are pictures of me in the feed room making up feed and of me brushing horses aged around 3 so it's fair to say I was involved from a young age. I started riding out when I was 12. 

At what age did you decide to become a trainer and why? 

I always wanted to train, the thought that goes into it interested me and I love the horses. At 16 I went to the British Racing School and whilst everyone else wanted to be a jockey, I wanted to be a trainer. I’m probably better at giving instructions than following them. 

I know you did a lot of riding out when you were younger, did you have a favourite horse?

I’ve had several down the years. The first horse I rode out was Magic Bloom – mother of According To Pete and the first winner I lead up at Bangor aged 14. Anabranch was another I rode – not sure I loved riding her but she enjoyed herself! 

You have trained plenty of classy horses over the years including Dato Star and the brilliant Waiting Patiently.  How have you managed to keep on top of your game for so long? 

To be fair we have had quieter periods in between but I hope to emulate Dad in that we always have a nicer type around the yard to keep our names in lights. The training methods don’t alter much you just need a nice horse and a bit of luck. 

If you weren't a trainer what would you have done? 

I actually trained as a Dietitian so maybe I should re-qualify and go back to that. 

What do you like to do in your spare time if you get any? 

I don’t get much so I read, but binge-watch TV shows like Game of Thrones and Peaky Blinders and take my dog for a walk! 

What has been the highlight of your career so far? 

Waiting Patiently’s Grade One success. Also, Dad was quite ill for a while before he passed away so it was nice to give him an ITV double in his name before he died with Waiting Patiently at Kempton and Black Ivory at Warwick. 

With the new season approaching can you give my readers a couple of dark horses? 

Not dark horses but I like both the mares we purchased at the May sales following runs in point to points. Blossoming Forth and Clondaw Caitlin

A big thank you to Ruth Jefferson for giving me an open and frank piece for my blog.

Visit Ruth Jefferson's website here

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  1. A great post. Wishing Ruth and the team a brilliant season.


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