Saturday 26 October 2019

Nicola Currie From Strength to Strength

If you studied Nicola Currie riding you wouldn’t think she only started riding at 22, but she has gone from strength to strength in her few short years as a jockey. This year Nicola has ridden an impressive 47 winners including Raising Sand winning the Moet & Chandon International Stakes at Ascot and also finishing an excellent fourth in the Victoria Cup at Ascot. On top of that Nicola was also crowned the All-Weather Champion Champion after winning 30 times from October 2018 to April 19th 2019. Not bad for the Scot who was nearly giving up racing in 2015. One trainer who benefited from her staying in the saddle was Jamie Osborne whom Nicola rides regularly for and has won 18 times so far this season.

Nicola, have you always been involved in horse racing? 

I only came into racing when I was around 18, I have always ridden ponies from an early age and worked in showjumping yards. 

You have ridden plenty of nice winners over the years do you have a favourite? 

My favourite winner has to be on Raising Sands this year at Ascot in the Moet & Chandon international stakes. 

If you weren't riding horses what would you do? 

 I would probably buy and sell horses or continued my love for football if the horses hadn’t interfered. 

If you could ride any horse in history who would it be? 

Would have to be Frankel. 

I see your uncle is the Liverpool FC legend Steve Nicol, will Liverpool win the league this year? 

Unfortunately, I don’t have much time to follow the football now but it would be great to see Liverpool win the league. 

How did it feel to be the first female to ride in the Queen Elizabeth Stakes at Ascot on board Raising Sand for Jamie Osborne? 

It was great, I like achieving things others haven’t. 

What has been the highlight of your racing career so far? 

My highlight would be riding at Royal Ascot and in the QE II .. also receiving a Leicester’s. 

Do you get time to hit the town on a weekend or do you have to be on your best behaviour?

Not really as usually I’m riding on the AW Saturday evening but I like to enjoy a chilled Sunday with a roast and a bottle of wine but not too much as racing resumes on Monday! 

What's a normal day for Nicola Currie like? 

I get up around 6 to be in Jamie’s for around 6:20 am, usually gallop around 5 horses depending how much time I have before heading off racing. Run home for a shower and set off in the car to wherever I am riding that day. Usually, I’m not home till late with evening meetings so it is straight to bed to get as much sleep in to do it all again the next day. If I am finished at a reasonable time and I have no lightweights I like to go out for dinner with friends. 

Thanks to Nicola for making time to answer a few questions for the blog and good luck for the future.

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