Tuesday 10 September 2019

Should I Put An Odds-On Favourite in My Each-Way Accumulator?

Guest Blogger: Jason Coote, Founder, High-Class Equine.

They say bookmakers love punters placing accumulators. Whether it is a Yankee, Super Heinz or a Lucky 15. We've all given them a shot. 

You can understand why when for a small stake you hear of a punter walks away with £50,000. 

Why wouldn't you want to have a go? 

In truth, the bookmakers make good money from multi bets, as they do with the majority of bets placed. It's hardly surprising when they close winning accounts and happily advertise to new punters with promotions which resemble something out of a comic book. The price should be 6/4 but we will give you 10/1 as long as you join the fun.

New players only!

Anyway, how do you fare when it comes to multi bets? Any luck? Any big wins? It isn't beyond the realms. 

I have got a bit of stick by detailing a few each-way accumulators with an even-money favourite sitting like a bookend. The remarks go from ''You're mad'' to ''Good luck with that'' as if they think it is the act of a complete fool. Each to their own. I guess they feel that anything each-way means you should be betting 4/1+. But is that really what each-way accumulators are all about? Even my brother said he couldn't see the point of having a short-priced favourite in the bet. 

As it happened the even-money shot won. So, I would have doubled my return (if the 8/1 shot had won in the first). 

Logically, I can appreciate betting an even-money shot in an accumulator feels wrong. Perhaps if I sat there long enough I would even start to doubt its wisdom. However, the bet is win and place. They do actually work separately. In a time when people are betting 1.01 on the exchange (winning and losing) who can say which price is right or wrong. Where do you draw the line? You can guarantee if someone could bet odds on or against at 10000/1 (1/10000) someone would still be betting with glee. So who is wrong? Is it simply you would never bet truly short odds to win money? ''He must be mad betting 1.01''. Well, what would you say if someone had made a living from doing that? The truth is he would be looking at you in the negative and say: ''Well, what the F do you know?'' 

The answer to the question can be as simple or complicated as you like. 

In truth, the answer is simple. Long term does the person betting with these ''obscure'' each-way accumulators win? If they do, then they are 100% correct in their approach, assessment and understanding. 

The downfall with most people who wager on a multi bet is this. It's the philosophy of this answer which so many need to consider rather than get a bee in their bonnet about a bloody even-money jolly nestled somewhere in between. They feel they can be less stringent and take a gamble because they have a few chances. You know, if someone bets like this and they are mocking the way I bet I'm cracking up with laughter at their frank stupidity. I can imagine some reading these words still haven't figured out what I am saying. However, keep reading, because I'm going to explain it now. 

To be successful betting an each-way accumulator (Trixie, Lucky 15, 21, or whatever number you like...you could be ordering from a Chinese menu called the Golden Dragon if it makes you feel a little wiser). 

The whole point about betting on an each-way accumulator is that you need to be even more stringent - not less. Every selection needs to be bang on. Even then you are still likely to fall short. If I see a punter with such a bet and he has an even-money shot as his last horse I don't think ''Idiot'' I'm thinking he is a bit wiser than you realise. He appreciates the strength of the horse he has selected. He's thinking, probably knowing, that he is about to double his winnings or lay a nice bit off if it is backed to a shorter price. 

At the end of the day, it is all about winning and making a return. 

If you do that even at odds of 1/100, then who should be questioning the pounds, shilling and pence. 

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