Monday 16 September 2019

How to Explain Racing Tips to Your Boss

I can imagine this blog post made you think? 

I really need to give this to my boss!

I used this blog post title generator. Put in all the information. It spat out about 10 Crazy Horse Racing Blog Post Titles (this wasn't one of them). I got to about number 8 on the list and it said: How to Explain Racing Tips to Your Boss. 

Made me smile, just considering what your boss would say if you rushed into his office, clutching your Racing Post, perhaps lighting a big Cuban cigar, and blurted: ''I've got something very important to tell you.''

The boss thinking you are going to say one of three things:

''I need a pay rise! How much holiday do I have left? I'm leaving!''

Unless your boss is new to gambling and been asking you questions about bookmakers, what's an each-way treble or what's all this fuss about Fixed Odds Betting Terminals? I very much doubt he will expect you vehemently wanting to explain racing tips over his lunch break. I mean, you never know, but I doubt it. 

The next time you ask to talk to your boss for a pay rise, try explaining racing tips and he/she will be so confused that by comparison, a pay rise will feel a satisfactory conversation. 

Guest post: Jason Coote

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